Modern minimalism
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Modern minimalism

Being a fashion blogger means a world to me. Not only that I can write anything about fashion,
I can be put myself into the post and really show off my love to things I like.
First I’d like to thank my followers for suporting me. A big thanks, goes to my dearest friend Franco.
You must check his amazing blog – Narcisblog.

Yesterday someone ask me what is my dream. If I’m completely honest, there’s a lot. Firstly, I want to live happily and be successful in life. My week plan, is to focus and do stuff which went down the hill when I didn’t do anything -well most things-. It’s never too late, so maybe I should try it this week. Also I’m trying to see where I’m going with my fashion blog. I have a few ideas but I want to be more creative and more motivated when I’m doing anything blogging related. I should probably think about that. I’ll let you know how the scheduling goes.

My look

Modern Minimalist style is the No1. thing right now.  Keeping it simple lately has the most impact. Wear a simple shirt with one color pants (don’t wear jeans) and pair them with sneakers and simple accesories. I’m trying to look comfortable in my look. Of course I’m wearing my beloved GLOW bow tie, well it’s a broch but that’s just shows how diverse a bow tie can be. You should definitely buy bow tie from them, because they’re amazing.

Photographer: Robert Ribič.

I’m wearing

– Shirt: S. Olover
– Pants: Zara Men
– Bow Tie: GLOW
– Belt: Zara Men
– Sunglasses: H&M
– Shoes: Converse All star

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